10 Simple Ways to Save Water


Simple Ways to Save Water


Fresh, clean water is a limited resource. Less than 1% of the water on Earth is fresh water that can be used for human use. We can only go three to five days without water as it is vital to our survival. With clean water, we take baths. We use it to clean our dishes and wash our clothes. We use it to cook. We use it to clean and to drink.

Water is used by the majority of us every day for a variety of purposes. And the total amount of water used per day is huge.

Water is a limited resource that, if improperly managed, will lead to shortages soon. If you are dedicated to the cause of water conservation this article will guide you to easy ways to conserve water.

The term “water conservation” refers to the careful use and management of the water supply, and it includes both the quantity and quality of water. Water is an essential resource for maintaining all life.

Everywhere in the world, even in places where there seems to be enough of water, conserving water has become a need. It is the most sensible and environmentally beneficial method of water conservation.

There are a few simple things you can do at home to save water. In this article you will go through 10 easy ways to save water.

Why save Water?

  • There are infinite uses

We utilise water on a daily basis. It is necessary in absolutely everything we do. For drinking, bathing, cooking, washing, and countless other tasks, we require water. We must save water if we want to keep our bodies healthy, clean, and functioning properly.

  • Food is grown by water

Water is necessary for the growth of all products, including fruits and vegetables. But how will the food grow if there is a drought in the area? As a result, drought-affected areas may become unproductive since no plants of any type can grow there. The people will starve to death if there is no water.

  • It saves the environment and wildlife

Not just humans, but all other creatures on Earth, depend on water for existence. In reality, water is essential for the survival of every life on this planet.

  • Less water consumption means more savings

Simple water saving techniques will help you save huge amount of water annually.

  • There is already a shortage of water

There is already a shortage of fresh water at the moment. Only 0.03% of the available water is fresh water, out of the total of 70%.


10 simple ways to save water

  1. Turn off the taps:

Keep your water usage under control. By shutting off the water while you brush your teeth, you can save 6 litres of water per minute.

  1. Shower with less water:

By changing to an effective shower head, you’ll be able to lather up with less water, which will result in water savings.

  1. Save your dirty clothes and utensils:

Only use the dishwasher and washing machine when you have a full load.

  1. Plan your gardening time:

Install rain sensors on irrigation systems, don’t water your lawn excessively, and avoid watering during peak times.

  1. Save rainwater:

Install a rain barrel to collect rainwater so you can water your garden.

  1. Get a low-flush toilet:

You may upgrade your toilet by installing a conversion kit, a dual flush toilet, a low flow toilet.

  1. When hand-washing dishes, don’t let the water running for washing:

When washing dishes don’t leave the water running. Collect the water in tub or sink then wash it.

  1. Take Care When Washing Your Car

One car wash uses, on average 3 to 4 litres of water. So, only wash your car when absolutely essential.

  1. Learn How to Collect Rainwater

One of the finest strategies for conserving water is to collect rainwater. Rainwater may be utilised for a variety of non-drinking uses.

  1. Check for Water Leaks in the House

Water leaks can waste a large amount of unnecessarily.

Water conservation benefits both the economy and the ecology. There is a rising need for an endless supply of water due to global migration and urbanisation. The protection of human life as well as other life forms on Earth depends on water conservation.