How is Water Pollution Caused?

Water Pollution is on a tremendous rise in today’s world. It involves contaminating the water with dirt and pollutants. Due to rise in industries, the amount of pollutants is increasing day by day. If the following trend continues, such a time will come that all the water sources will be heavily polluted.

There are various sources because of which water pollution is caused. Only the Industries cannot be blamed for this.


List of Sources Which Contributes to Water Pollution


1. Sewage and wastewater : It is said that charity begins at home. We should always have a proper sewage system at home. The wastewater from household activities such as cooking, washing clothes, bathroom etc should not be directed towards the water bodies without treatment. It heavily affects the rivers, seas etc and makes them polluted.

In many places, the drains are straight away directed towards the rivers without any treatment. This increases the amount of raw garbage in the rivers. It pollutes the water to a large extent.

2. Industrial waste : Rivers located near Industries suffer a lot from pollution. All the waste materials are dumped into these water bodies. Such wastes include petrochemicals, mercury, lead etc. They are very harmful for the marine animals. It makes the water poisonous and unfit for consumption.

Industrial waste are one of the highest contributors of water pollution. These wastes should be treated properly before disposal.

3. Oil spills : The various vehicles operating in water bodies spill oil from its engines. Moreover oil factories spill a lot of oil and dump it into the nearby rivers or seas. Such practices pollutes the water to a great extent. Oil does not get mixed with water and stays at the surface.

Such water can neither be used for drinking nor is it fit for the marine animals. It also causes loss in marine life.

4. Nuclear wastes : They are generated from nuclear stations. When these wastes come in contact with the water bodies, the water becomes hazardous to life. Certain nuclear wastes such as radioactive substances can even take away life.

5. Air pollution : The unwanted pollutants in the air causes air pollution. It is caused by the aggregation of various harmful gases which are disposed to the environment. It also results in ozone layer depletion as well as global warming.
This pollution from air, in-turn, returns to ground through rains and contaminate ground water . Hence, air pollution also leads to water pollution. Delhi has seen a massive increase in air pollution. Air filters have been installed in many offices and homes.

6. Plastic : Another harmful source of water pollution is dumping of plastic materials into rivers, seas etc. Plastic do not get decomposed easily. They will remain in their original state for a very long time. This pose a threat for the aquatic life.

Plastics are already banned in many places. They are very harmful substances which contributes a lot towards environment pollution.

7. Farm wastes : Nowadays, a large number of chemicals are used in farming. A variety of insecticides, pesticides etc are used in farms for the better growth of crops. All these are finally dumped in the nearby water bodies thereby polluting them. The rain water also washes away these chemicals and dispose them into the waterbodies.

Hence, organic farming should be adopted by people. It is not only good for our health but also saves the environment from getting polluted.

Thus, it can be concluded that there is not just a single source of water pollution. Everything is related to each other. One should be considerate enough not to add on to the existing water pollution. Water is life, it is very precious. Every possible measure should be taken to keep it clean and healthy. There are many harmful effects of water pollution.

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