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Rivers are the backbone of human civilization! They provide us with fresh water which is helpful for various purposes such as drinking, cleaning, washing, etc. Without rivers, life will come to a halt. Rivers just keep on flowing without any stop. We humans exist because of rivers. Importance of Rivers cannot be stated in just few words.

Most often people don’t realize the impact that rivers have on the living world.It is because they keep on doing their work silently. See, they are not equipped with social media to keep showcasing their work to the entire world! Puns apart, what if the rivers dry up some day? It’s scary to even think of it. May be only then we will realize their importance. We need to stop water pollution & river pollution.

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Prominent Uses of Rivers


1. Rivers provide us with fresh drinking water.It is one of the biggest source of fresh water. Around 96% of the water body consists of saline water which cannot be consumed by humans.As a result,we need to rely heavily upon the rivers for drinking water. Hence, if we don’t have a good amount of it, life on earth will come to an end.

2. There are various civilizations formed around rivers. Some of the earliest valleys includes the Nile River Valley, the Indus River Valley , the Yellow River Valley etc. These civilizations started near rivers because river plains had fertile soil which helps in cultivation. Moreover they also helped in transportation. Even in today’s date, many villages and cities are based near rivers.

3. Rivers are not only important for human beings but also serves a great purpose to the animals and trees as well. There are various aquatic animals which breed in rivers. Moreover, various plants also grow in the rivers. They form a part of the ecosystem which is very important to maintain the balance in the food chain.

4. Rivers are also a source of energy. It helps in creating electricity. In the hilly areas, rivers have a lot of current in it. This energy can be harnessed through various machines and can be converted into electricity. Hydroelectric plants are built in rivers for the creation of electricity. Various dams are also created for harnessing electricity such as the Bhakra Nangal Dam.

5. Rivers also help in improving the economy of a country. This is because they help in transportation of goods from one place to another.Import and export of goods in turn improves the economy of a country.They also help in irrigation, urban development, navigation and energy.

6. Rivers are soul satisfying. A visit to the riverbanks always calm the mind. Sitting near the river and looking at the wonders of nature serves the eyes as well as the mind.

7. Rivers are fun too! Ever heard about River rafting? It’s a lifetime experience. Various other sports can also be played on the rivers.They provide leisure as well as adventure.

Rivers are the waterbodies with which we have the closest relationship. It is very important to keep a good bonding else it can show its fierce face and destroy everything. Floods are an example of the fiery face of rivers.It takes away a large number of lives with it. A huge amount of property gets destroyed in the floods.

If not floods, it may give rise to droughts.The rivers may dry up and cause drought. This is very harmful for the civilization. As people say, everything should be kept in balance else they may create havoc in life. Similar is the case with our rivers.

The best thing about rivers is that no matter what, they keeps on flowing. We should not create any disturbance in the rivers. We should keep them clean and let them flow steadily. The thing with rivers is that people do not realise their importance.

We will never know the worth of rivers until they dry up. A drop of water is worth more than a sack of gold to a thirsty man. We have to understand the we need to save our rivers from pollution.

An Old American Indian Proverb says :

Only when the last tree has died and the last river has been poisoned and the last fish being caught, will we realize we cannot eat money!


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