Prevention of Water Pollution, How to Prevent / Control Water Pollution

10 Ways to Control Water Pollution

Prevention is better than cure.

This is indeed very true but used rarely in practical life. We can consider it as one of the most overrated statement. But in case of water pollution, the implementation of this policy is of utmost importance. Water pollution may disrupt human life to a great extent. It is highly important to take steps forward to prevent water pollution. We can atleast follow these 10 ways to prevent water pollution.

Some of the 10 ways to reduce water pollution are discussed below:

  • Laws: One of the strict and best way to prevent water pollution is to implement proper laws. Anyone found breaking the law should be imposed a high amount of fine. When people lose their minds, laws can bring them to the right path.
  • Sewage Treatments: Another method of preventing water pollution is to treat the sewage properly. Adequate care should be taken to ensure that effective sewage treatment process is in place and that contaminated water does not get mixed with the environment.

Human and animal excreta should be prevented from mixing with the water bodies. This will prevent the water from getting polluted to a large extent.

  • Plastic: They are very harmful for the water sources. They are non degradable and stay in its original form for a long period of time. Plastics should not be thrown into the water bodies. They can be harmful for the animals breeding in water.
  • Wastes from farms: The various chemicals such as insecticides, pesticides etc should not be dumped directly into the water bodies. There should be a proper garbage disposal system.

They pollute the water to a large extent and make them unfit for drinking. If such water comes in contact with the human body, it can lead to various diseases.

  • Medicinal wastes: The waste product of hospitals are very unhygienic. There should be no way that they come in contact with the water bodies. The used products of hospitals should be burnt properly. They should be treated and not directly sent to the rivers, seas, etc.

The toxic amount present in these wastes is very high. It can cause fatal diseases.

  • Household disposal: It is said that charity begins at home. So the basic step is not to dump the household wastes into the water bodies. It is a very significant step. Every household should have a proper disposal system to dump its wastes.
  • Oil spills: These are very dangerous to our water bodies. It can’t completely be resolved but steps should be taken to decrease the oil spill. When these oil get in touch with water they do not mix with it. It strives a threat to the organisms living in the water.
  • Religious activities: India, being a religious country, takes its rivers very seriously. They consider them to be the Almighty and conduct various activities near them. It makes the water very dirty. Such activities should be stopped immediately.
  • Public Awareness: Education is the key. The more educated a person is, the better is his civic sense. People should be made aware about the demerits of water pollution, the harm that pollution can cause. It will make them understand the need to sustain the water bodies.
  • Plantation: In the end, trees always come to our rescue. It is very important to grow more trees. It also helps in preventing water pollution. They protect the nearby water supply from pollutants. They also limits the Carbon Dioxide in the water, which balances out its pH level system for these.

We are not required to do big things to stop water pollution.

If everybody do their little part in saving the waters, then its more than enough.

While there is no single short step to stop water pollution, there are number of things that we can do in our daily lifestyle to reduce water pollution.

The best way stop water pollution is not to clean the polluted water but to stop polluting it.

These were the top 10 ways to control water pollution.

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