6 Disastrous Effects of Water Pollution

Effects of Water Pollution


Water is one of the most important necessities of life. It is a well-known fact that clean water is absolutely essential for healthy living. Adequate supply of fresh and clean drinking water is a basic need for all living beings. Without it, life on Earth may lead to extinction. Water Pollution is having adverse effects on human life.

Imagine a world void of lakes, rivers, seas and other water bodies!

The rigorous growth in population, technology, industry etc. has been detrimental to the water bodies. The level of water pollution is increasing in a vicious way. It will have adverse effects on life and the ecosystem as a whole.

Some of the effects of water pollution has been discussed below:

1.Human life : The human body should consume on an average of 2 litres water on a daily basis. But if this water is contaminated, it can cause a number of diseases. Various health hazards are on the rise due to polluted water. It can also cause various skin diseases.

2.Contaminated water can cause many types of diarrheal diseases, including Cholera, and other serious illnesses such as Guinea worm disease, Typhoid, and Dysentery. Thus, water pollution can cause a serious threat to human life.

Human life is very precious. The polluted water can destroy this precious thing.

3.Aquatic life: The highest effect of water pollution can be seen on the aquatic life. They breed in the water. If their home gets polluted then they are bound to move towards destruction.

In polluted water, due to abundant growth of algae, the oxygen content becomes lesser. This causes the death of aquatic life. There are many cases on record of the destruction of marine life by polluted water. A large number of fish died due to water pollution.


4.Environment: When water pollution hits the ecosystem, it damages the whole surrounding. When polluted water mixes with the streams, rivers etc. it makes them dirty. The species depending on these water bodies; be it humans, animals or plants are severely affected by the pollution.

As these stream or river move into larger water bodies,they pollutes them as well. Hence it affects the whole environment.

5.Soil infertility: The accumulation of various pollutants in water also causes soil infertility. When these water comes in touch with the land, it induces the toxicants into the soil. This makes the soil unproductive. It disrupts the farming which leads to loss of food. Everything is linked with one another. Thus, water pollution can lead to a break in the whole system.

6.Sewage: It is another good example of how pollution can affect us all. Sewage discharged into coastal waters can wash up on beaches and cause a health hazard. People who bathe or surf in the water can fall ill if they swallow polluted water.

Thus, it can be seen that there are various adverse effects of water pollution. Some of its effects may not be immediate. They may recur after a long time. But they will for sure.

Water pollution has been documented as a contributor to a wide range of health problems and disorders in humans. It has also been shown to have drastically negative impacts on wild animals and the environment as a whole.

Water pollution is an inescapable result of human activity.The effects of water pollution are far-reaching. Our ecosystem is effected on every level by water contamination. But with education and awareness it can be controlled.

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